JUNIPER & CITRUS Hair Powder/Dry Shampoo
Perfect for those in-between-shower days! You know, when your hair is getting a little greasy and shiny, but you just don't have the time/energy to wash it? But you need to head out into the world, like, right now?

Enter the magic of hair powder/dry shampoo. A blend of natural kaolin clay, arrowroot and silica rich Organic Shavegrass powder, Our Juniper & Citrus Hair Powder works by soaking up oils and reducing shine, AND it make your hair smell great. Shake some into the palm of your hand and ruffle into the roots of your hair and get out there. *Works for all hair colors.*

2 oz glass shaker. Ships within 5 days. Stock up and save on Shipping with our $30 and under deal; All orders up to $30 ship for just $5 bucks. And $30-$60 orders now ship for just $9!

JUNIPER & CITRUS Hair Powder/Dry Shampoo

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